University of Mimar Sinan

Fine Arts Academy

Department of Photography                      1984  – 1989



Koray Erkaya Photography Ltd                 1990 – 2000


DDM Productions Ltd                                  2000 – 2006

Founder & Ceo

Dijipost  Ltd                                                   2006 – 2016

Founder & Ceo

Koray Erkaya                                                 2016 –





(Association International des Arts Plastique)

UPSD                       Turkey                               2014 –

CARFAC                  Canada                            2016 –


Accredited photographer

PPOC                       Canada                           2016 –

(Professional Photographers of Canada)



Crystal Apple                                                   1996     

(Prize for Best Advertising Photography by Association of Advertising Agencies)


Best 200 Advertising Photographers          2004 (worldwide)


Best Advertising Photograph of the year    2010

(Paralympic Games campaign)


Rebirth                                                          2020       Short Movie

Invacuo                                                         2015        Short Movie

Soma                                                             2014        Video Art



My works were published in the books;

“Girls Girls Girls”                                                                  2020

published by Mendo

 “NU” Nude Art Today 3eme Edition Internationale   2013-2014

published by Editions Patou

“Moonlight Monastery”                                                      2012

published by Cafe City

“Art In A Modern Space Grand Efes”                                2010

published by Paralel Tasarim

“Bosphorus and Beyond”                                                   2010

published by MF

“200 Best Ad Photographers”                                           2005

published by Luzer’s Archive

“Outer Limits”                                                                       1997

published by YKY




‘Contemporary Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

Sep                                  in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Beyond Borders 3’ at Miart Gallery

June                                 in London, UK

‘Deep Passion’ Misunderstood/Rebirth at Zai

June                                 in Bodrum, Turkey

‘Contemporary Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

May                                   in Istanbul, Turkey

“In Remembrance of B.Y.’ at Perispri Art

May                                   in Istanbul, Turkey 

‘KissFm NFT’ at Maslak 42

April                                   in Istanbul, Turkey


“House of Baby” at Great Hall in Union Station

October                             in Toronto, Canada

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

October                             in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Piramid Sanat at Flamm’

August – Sep                   in Bodrum, Turkey

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

June                                  in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Self Touches’ Covered the entrance of Harbour 60 Patio

August                             in Toronto, Canada          

‘Nu Nude Naked’ Istanbul Conyemporary Art Museum

July                                  in online

‘Kirmizi Ardic Kusu’  Art Gallery

July – October               in Alacati, Turkey

 ‘Friends of the Museum’ Istanbul Conyemporary Art Museum

May                                 in online

 ‘Photo Expo in Setagaya’ at Galerie#1317

April                                in Setagaya, Japan

 ‘The Extended Body’ ITSLIQUID int. Art Exhibition

March – August             in London, UK

‘Art Ankara’ 6th Contemporary Art Fair

March                             in Ankara, Turkey

‘Contemporary Art From Turkey’

Feb – March                  in Kiev/Kyiv, Ukraine

“The Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Ukraine’”             


‘Context Art Miami’ at GAMA gallery

December                     in Miami, USA

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Deep Passion

September                    in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

September                    in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Art Weeks Akaretler’ at Gama Gallery

September                    in Istanbul, Turkey

 ‘The Body Language’ Liquid Art Festival

Feb – March                  in Venice, Italy


‘Context Art Miami’ at Gama Gallery

December                    in Miami, USA

‘Raw Pop Up / Miami Art Week’ at Deep Passion

December                    in Miami, USA

‘Homemade’ at Piramid Art

Nov – December         in Istanbul, Turkey

‘The Hinterland Art’ at Lucca

November                   in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

September                 in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Art Summer’ at Artgalerim in Barbaros Reserve

June – September     in Bodrum, Turkey

‘Contemporary Art Ankara’ at Piramid Art

March                         in Ankara, Turkey

‘TooLess’ at Eye-D Karakoy (Solo Exhibition)

Nov – April                 in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Foto Fever Art Fair Paris’ at Gama Gallery

November                 in Paris, France

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

September                in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

November                in Istanbul, Turkey

‘25’ at Hub Artkolik Gallery (Solo Exhibition)

June – July               in Istanbul, Turkey

‘25’ at M1886 Gallery (Solo Exhibition)

Feb – March             in Ankara, Turkey


SOMA is a video art project to draw attention to human suffering after disastrous mining accident in Soma

‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

November                 in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Summer Exhibition’ at Piramid Art Gallery

July – August            in Istanbul, Turkey

I designed an outfit called “Inside Out” which was displayed in a fashion show

‘Wearable Art Exhibition ‘at Summart

June                          in Istanbul, Turkey

‘The Other Look’ at Semra Ecer Gallery

May                           in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Gallipoli 100th Anniversary’ at UPSD Gallery

April                          in Istanbul, Turkey

“INVACUO” is a photograhy exhibition emphasizing the abundant use of pepper spray on innocent protestors at Gezi Park in 2013

‘Totally Naked Exhibition’ at Piramid Art Gallery

February.                 in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

November               in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Play with Me’ at Astoria AVM Gallery

October                   in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Self Touches’ at Piramid Art Gallery (Solo Exhibition)

Jan – Feb                in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Piramid Art

November              in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Valentines Day‘ at Binyil Gallery

February.                in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Baraz Gallery

November              in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Contemporary Art Istanbul’ at Baraz Gallery

November             in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Don’t Tell Mama’ at Lenin Foundation Gallery

Oct – Nov              in Ulianovsk, Russia

‘Don’t Tell Mama’   at 11th Festival European de la Photo de NU

May                        in Arles, France


‘Don’t Tell Mama’ at Kiron Gallery (Solo Exhibition)

Dec – Jan              in Paris, France

‘Don’t Tell Mama’ at The Hall (Solo Exhibition)

May – June            in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Istanbul is an Adventure’ at Topkapi Palace

April – May            in Istanbul, Turkey

‘Istanbul’u Yorum’ at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

March – April        in Istanbul, Turkey

‘5th Photo Platform’ at Binyil Gallery

Jan – Feb              in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Autism’ at Autism Platform

April                       in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Underconstruction’ at Kanyon

June                      in Istanbul, Turkey


‘Outer Limits’ at Naval Museum Art Gallery

December            in Istanbul, Turkey


He lives and works in Toronto.